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I am a curious + creative person, actively seeking to make the world a more interesting place—one idea at a time.

I'm an artist, mom, triathlete, and way over educated ex-computer scientist and spend most of my time in crisis-mode.  I live in St. Pete Beach (that's the short answer) and enjoy staying up late at night to paint in bad lighting, only to see how daylight brings it to life in the morning.   


Most of the painting work is black/white, because I like the mystery it creates and how it forces the viewer to decide what the true colors would be otherwise. 


I enjoy bringing out sensual and provocative emotions in my artwork and hopes that viewers can connect their own feelings to what they see on the canvas.


My graphic + web designs are more "mainstream", and I like how it allows me to connect to the spectrum of my creative brain.  It brings me to my happy place, directly.  Do not pass go.   

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