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Here. You'll find what you're looking for.

If not, drop me a line at or text / call 813.489.9741

  • Do you take commissions?
    Generally, no. I paint what I feel and what I like. I hope you will connect your own feelings to what you see and find something you love. If you have encouraging ideas, please contact me at for inquiries.
  • How can I be the first to know when new paintings are available?
    The best way to find out about new work that I've added is to follow me here on my website by visiting often or subscribing to my email list, or visit me on Instagram.
  • How can I purchase an original painting?
    All original paintings are listed on my website and are marked "SOLD" if they are no longer available (or not, if I've been too busy and distracted by life to update things). Please contact me directly for pricing.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, I can ship internationally. Please note that for international orders, any taxes and duties due upon delivery are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
  • What is your return / exchange policy?
    All paintings, prints, and products are final sale unless damaged. If you decide you don't love it after it finds your home, please contact me for an exchange.
  • For media inquiries, interviews, or collaborations, please email me at"
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  • How much does a website project cost?
    It depends on what kind of build you want to do. For instance, I am willing to coach you on how to build your own site on an hourly rate. If you want a mostly hands off approach, I offer a low fee set up along with monthly maintenance fee for unlimited changes. Please contact me for details.
  • Can I turn the reigns over to you, or will we work together while you hold my hand?"
    I believe my clients already have the answers they are looking for inside of them, but through collaboration, I'm able to bring them out visually in a way that communicates and connects with a particular community. The first step in my approach is to understand your goals / needs / style, which enables me to explore new paths and make intentional decisions that will move you forward.
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